Cart Service

The Service Department at Fat Boys Golf Carts is unmatched almost anywhere. We aim to provide customers with the most convenient service and customer care possible. Whether your golf cart needs a major overhaul, routine service or you just want to add accessories, Fat Boys Golf Carts is equipped with a state of the art service shop and a fully-qualified staff of factory trained, certified professionals. We can repair, rebuild, customize or refurbish any golf cart to best suit your needs.

For those customers in need of extra convenience, Fat Boys Golf Carts will be happy to pick up your cart up and redeliver it upon completion of service or repairs. 

Electronic Cart Service: 

Includes: load test batteries, check water levels, clean and check cables, check rear end fluids, check tire pressure, and test drive. 

Price: $79.95

We recommend at least 1 service per year! 

Gas Cart Service: 

includes: changing air, fuels and oil filters, oil changes, adjust valves, grease all fittings if needed, check tire pressure and test drive.

price: $139.95

We recommend at least 1 service per year!