Tuesday, February 28, 2017
At Fat Boys Golf Carts, we offer a full range of Wholesale Cart Services. From reconditioning a Stock Cart to building a Custom Cart specifically designed for your customer, we can handle all the details. In addition, we carry a complete line accessories and service parts - from OEM and aftermarket.

Reconditioning Process:
Our reconditioning process includes a body off pressure wash, replacing all broken plastic pieces, checking the electrical and mechanical systems of the cart and repairing or replacing as necessary. All batteries are load tested to assure good operation when you receive the cart.

Custom Carts:
For the custom cart enthusiast, let your imagination run wild! From custom painted bodies to custom airbrush work by a certified painter, we can deliver a car that will turn heads (see examples)! We also offer Liquid Print Hydrographic Designs (Dipping) to our wholesale customers.

We offer many options for cart delivery - from a single cart to as many as 14 Carts at a time. From the Southeast to the North to the Mid-West and everywhere in between - No location is too far!

Cart Discounts:
Multi-cart discounts are available! Be sure to check our monthly wholesale sheet as well as our monthly wholesale special.

*Business License and Tax Identification number required for all Wholesale Customers.

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